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Monitor Your KPI's

Financial KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measurable value that indicates how well a company is doing regarding generating revenue and profits.

Operating Cash Flow

OCF shows the total amount of money generated by a company’s daily business operations. The financial metric hints whether a company can maintain a positive cash flow needed for growth or requires external financing to cope with all the expenses.

Current Ratio

Current Ratio reflects on an organization’s ability to pay all the financial obligations in one year it takes into account a company’s  account receivables, and current liabilities,

Quick Ratio / Acid Test

The acid-test ratio indicates whether a business has sufficient short-term assets to cover its near-future liabilities. The Quick Ratio gives a more accurate overview of a company’s financial health than the Current Ratio as it ignores liquid assets such as inventories.


Audit & Assurance

Transparency is a keyword

The capital markets & investors use the information provided by us. We know our onus of responsibility!


Tax Planning

Transparency is win-win

Tax transparency & responsibility requires each of us to be accurate in the disclosure of statements.



Skills are to be shared

We use our skills gained over a period to help your work to be smarter, quicker & stronger.




Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Our passion for supporting you propels us forward. We salute your spirit of enterprise!

It's a Fact...

As your CFO, we use the organization’s financial statements to drive the strategic and tactical decisions of the company. It is our philosophy to not only provide businesses with an accurate financial analysis, but also improve their decision-making process in all areas of the business including sales, marketing, service, operations and administration.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple enough.  To unearth the magic behind the numbers of organizations big and small using ratio analysis and make meaningful decisions to boost up their performance. Our passion drives us forward.


Our Vision

Our vision is to utilize the resources with accurate workable plans that deliver results.  We know resources are scarce and the only way we can maximize efficiency is to employ better methods of production and execution.